Seizures and CBD

Correlations between anti-epileptic effects and CBD were recognized all the way back in 1881. Many research studies have linked a decrease in seizures among children and CBD. Today, parents and people all around the world are coming to the United States in search of CBD to better improve their quality of life with seizures. If you were to do a little research on CBD, you would certainly learn of Charlotte’s web. Charlotte’s web is the name of one of the first strains of Marijuana found with very high amounts of CBD. Charlottes web was proving the decrease of seizures in a young girl named Charlotte.

Let’s talk science! Glutamate receptors are found in the human body. These receptors are important for things like memory formation, neural communication, and learning. NMDA receptors are types of receptors that help to make up the glutamate receptors. Studies show that cannabinoids, specifically CBD, can form a special interaction with these receptors. Thus, causing a decrease in seizures among adults and children.

We do not make any claims that CBD will cure or benefit you. However,  numerous studies have been performed to try and prove that CBD has positive effects when taken by someone who has seizures or epilepsy.  We encourage you to do your own research to  learn more about the benefits of CBD.