Chronic pain and CBD

Chronic pain is pain that can persist even after an injury has been healed. Pain signals in the nervous system can remain active for weeks, months or years. Chronic pain has many physical and emotional side effects. Physical pains can include lack of mobility, tensing of muscles and changes in appetite. Anxiety, depression and anger are emotional symptoms of chronic pain. People all around the world are looking for ways to manage their pain. How could CBD help with chronic pain?

Inside the body’s endocannabinoid system are cannabinoid receptors. The receptor TRPV-1 also called the “vanilloid receptor” is known to control pain perception, body temperature and inflammation. Studies show that CBD binds to the vanilloid receptor stimulating it and causing positive results in people suffering from chronic pain.

We do not make any claims that CBD will cure or benefit you. However,  numerous studies have been performed to try and prove that CBD has positive effects when taken by someone who has chronic pain.  We encourage you to do your own research to  learn more about the benefits of CBD.